Saturday, January 22, 2011

Schleich Action Figures

You may recognize the logo and even the name. But if you are like me you try to think about where you have heard of these before? When I received my box of Schleich action figures I knew exactly where I recognized them from…teacher stores, book stores, toy boutiques and more. These are the top quality animals my kids love to look at and play with when we are at the stores. The figures themselves are nicely constructed and well made, these are not easily replaced with any cheap plastic figure. They have excellent details and when you search the website, you learn fun facts and details about the animals.

So, we opened up our exciting package to reveal some of the African and Farm animals they offer. Eight figures in all. One of the most unique was the Okapi from Africa: Okapi share the stripes of a zebra and the ossicones of a giraffe.

My boys were immediately taken with the details and enjoyed looking them over and talking about things they noticed about the animals. We went over the names and facts about the animals.

These toys make a great addition to learning with the numerous resources on the website and the quality of the toys. It was through doing this review that I learned about their website facts, painting templates (here), online playworld (here), and even e-cards. Not to mention the other things I learned with the kids about the various animals.

Schleich figures are found in stores and various websites online. You can find a store or website here. Our local Target, Barnes and Noble Books and teacher store sell them. Prices vary from $3.98 a piece to $24.99 for small sets of animals and up to $179 for a castle. They have a wide variety of items for numerous interests to explore the world and its creation with a very realistic view.

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