Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where Do You Fit?

There is a new theme that I have been seeing seems that God is giving eyes to his believer's and I have more friends noticing it as well...the theme, the issue...the dilemma is being taught, trained, accepted and validated everywhere.

What is it?


What is the definition of Complacency?
a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.

Do you see it now? Have you even thought about this word before? It is the selfish or smug act of ignoring...accepting to the point almost of fault.

The terms where I have seen it most is through people readily accepting anything that "they" tell you. People turning a blind eye to society around us that is teaching and training our families to roll eyes, disrespect, disconnect, separate, disassociate, "go off into our own world", and "do our own thing"...or "thang" depending...ripping families to shreds one thread at a time...

My heart aches as I drive around our city and see frumpy, grumpy, spoiled and disconnected people. I long to sit down and tell someone that Jesus loves them but what hurts is to think that no matter what, they is what I am seeing more and more. Cold, hard, unattached people.

"Such and such got a divorce" ... "oh well I am surprised they lasted..."
I do not take part in gossip, but you hear it! I don't pass on, I don't engage in the conversations, but how many times have you heard things like this? Not only is it horrible to talk about people and their marriages but there is no shock of what they are going through anymore, there is no more sensitivity...there is only judgment and blame.

The more I try to move on it seems the more this word has stuck out to me this year!

Complacency in our families, accepting where we are at and not moving anywhere.

Complacency in our work, doing the ol' daily grind...but we forget that the Bible tells us to work as we would work for our Heavenly Father.

Complacency in our finances, we will never get ahead so we might as well go ahead and order in a pizza tonight it won't make any difference anyways.

I am sure we have all done it and we will all have areas to work on with it rearing its head. But as I thought about this New Year, the things I want to focus on. The things that are dear to my heart. One big one for me is to show that my heart still beats. I still have compassion for people and their experiences. I still want to reach people that are lost or have lost their path and need to find their way back to Jesus. I still want to have an impact on my children and not let society teach whatever they deem to be appropriate for my family.

God has been stirring the pain in society in me for over a year now. I want to help bring standards back into society. I want people to understand that values are an actual thing that people have! It is becoming a passion of mine.

I have decided where I fit is "anti-mainstream". I am not like the others. I am not like everyone else. I do not get crushes on male celebrities, nor do I take time to find out what the newest "hottie" is starring in. I do not use the word divorce with my husband EVER! We made a promise to each other after we got married to never use that word or believe that it is an option. I do not roll my eyes and think my husband is a moron because a commercial tells me to act this way. I respect my husband and the man he was created to be. I know that God made me individual and I don't try to tell him his creation stinks and he needs to give me a "do over". I accept myself and my husband the way he created us.(my children too)

The more I see what is in this world, I see who it looks like and it isn't our Creator. So therefore, that absolutely puts me more in line with "anti-mainstream". I should look different from everyone else.

And God said, let us make Humankind in our image, after our likeness…
And God created the Human in His image, in the image of God he created Him; male and female He created them. (Gen 1:27)

Where Do You Fit?