Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Update!

I know I have been missing for about a month now! :( I have greatly missed blogging, talking with all my friends throughout the day and simply having the capability to look up ANYTHING when I want! But...I just wanted to share what has been happening away from the screen...

My son worked hard and earned himself just around $100 by selling flowers through Scouts, which will go towards his California trip he is taking this summer! He is thrilled!!!

We have been out daily watching the bulbs I planted last fall peek their sprouts above the surface to check out the scenery, to becoming gorgeous full green leafy plants with the flowers starting to rise out of them! What an exciting time! My girlfriend in CA sent me peonies for my birthday last year and I planted them just before the weather turned and the stems are now 4" out of the ground! It is all very exciting for me, since I never thought I could grow anything!!! :) My hyacinths are almost fully up and there are other bulbs I don't even remember what else I planted now!

We went to KC to see my family for Easter weekend, we actually went out a day or so early so that we could really utilize our time at my grandma's house. Turns out it was a total God idea because she ended up in the hospital just days before for high blood pressure. She got out just a day before we got there. We went to clean her house and help her finally get things taken to donate and give her some relief. My dad didn't realize how easy it would actually be, we got rid of two chairs and two vanloads full of stuff in about 24 hours. My dad was exhausted! He said he wasn't used to this much physical labor, I said now that he knew the issue it was time to find a resolution to that problem! I was thrilled with the things we were able to do for my grandma and plan to help her again when we go down again for Memorial weekend. Since she is 90 we are all starting to realize that we need to make the time while we have it!!!

In the meantime, I hit a garage sale recently and scored a like new Pier One table to replace the broken one I hated in our rec only cost me $17! Yay! Then I hit Pier One itself yesterday to browse and discovered a unique table that ended up being even more on sale, so I bought it and thought we will was $49 down from like $199 and it had been marked $59! yay! Well the big kicker is that my husband LOVES it!!!

Yesterday I did the goodwill, savers runs to return shorts the boys said didn't fit or they didn't like and ended up getting a lovely glass cake stand with a dome lid, more shorts for the boys to try on and best of all some like new hiking boots for our 12 year old for the hiking trip they are taking in mid-May! Talk about timing!!! We have 4 pair of hiking boots but they are all too small for everyone in our family now! Craigslist time I think! :)

Well, I just wanted to give some glimpses of things happening here. Other than a lot of time outdoors and playing with the kids and the dog, I have missed you all. I am thinking of you daily and I can't wait until our restore disk is found or replaced so I can be back online...

But in all of this I think that God showed me a lot, beginning with what is my most important priority, time with my family. Especially seeing that with the spent with my grandma recently!

Have a great week everyone!!! :)

Earth Day!

Just wanted to give a quick update today. We got up early and surprisingly fresh and ready for the day! Must have been the relief of warmer weather returning today and through the weekend! Whatever the reason I will take it!!! We headed out the door for a walk which thrilled the dog to no end! With the added benefit of homeschooling on Earth Day we decided to clean up our neighborhood park and the storm gutters. We picked up two trash bags worth and another few armloads full! We were thrilled to do this and feel good about how it looked for a while, but admittedly there were a few new pieces of trash spotted on the long walk home and we we tired enough that we had to let them dance in the wind once again. Sigh!!

Keeping our earth clean is a big job! I hope everyone is out there trying to do their part! :)

Happy Earth Day!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Illness in the family---the computer has a virus!

I haven't disappeared! I was basking in the fun of the UBP and then it happened....
my computer went to blue screen and that was it! We have someone at my husband's office trying to fix it, but when he asked for the restore disk we went blank. We searched our normal computer drawer for those things and it isn't there. I think this is a set up! Either we are meant to have a break from online activity or a Dell bandit has entered our house!

Either way, as I check on things from the library (WOW I type faster than anyone in here! :) ) I realize that not only is this heightening my awareness of just how often I actually do "NEED" to check something out online. But NOW I just happen to be in style as there is a unplug event happening!

Talk about timing!!! I have to admit what the others who are participating are saying runs very true for me as well.
I find I have more time for things at home and I am getting more projects done. Let's still pray that I find my OS restore disk so we don't have to spend good money on buying another one!!

Stay tuned!! I will be back hopefully very soon!!