Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bedroom Reveal & Giveaway Update

My room is done except for the mirror, I think I finally have an idea of what I want to do with it and the hangers are still on the wall. But other than that, I figure it is time to reveal this room that has been so long awaited!!!


I will give some quick details here on what the remodel entailed:
1)New curtains $120 (4 panels of faux silk from JCP with coupons!)
2)Spray paint for side tables $7 for 2 cans Gray from Walmart, I think it was Rustoleum but I can't remember now.
3)Scrapbook paper for the inserts on sidetables 6/$1 Michaels on sale.
4)new bedding - Birthday Splurge! - $245 shipped (from a craigslist seller) for the pillows, duvet, bedskirt. They are Ralph Lauren and I love them! I found the sheets that matched from a different brand at Tuesday Mornings for $25!
5)Black "bling accents in the bedroom from Hobby Lobby I spent $18-20 on 4 items.
6)Silver vase holding flowers $4 at a garage sale, flowers were about $20 at Hobby Lobby. (looking to find a matching vase to split the flowers and balance them on my husbands nightstand as well.)
7)Tufted storage bench - bday gift from my parents - free for me, about $100 for them, from Amazon.
8)Spray paint for the two white dressers $16 at Home Depot, I used primer and paint by Rustoleum, Glossy White.
9) Gray Benjamin Moore Paint, I can't remember the color, I will work on getting that if anyone is interested. I painted the bedroom in one day, again with the Harmony paint and it was fast drying and could barely tell I painted by smelling! Loved it! I think that was about $35 for paint.

Total was around $493 for the complete bedroom remodel.

Not bad if I do say so myself! Please share your feedback with me!

Now for the giveaway update: Since I have only had a few people enter, I am extending the giveaway until the 21st, there is a blog giveaway starting next week and I will include it there. Share with your friends. Don't worry, these items WILL be given away just 8 more days to wait! :)

Have a great day!


Kasey said...

looks fabulous! great job.

Deva84 said...

looks amazing! absolutely great job!

love your bed!!!

Decorating Queen said...

GORG!!!! Love the grey paint on the walls..very chic! And it accents the mirror so nice (love that mirror!). Bedding is fantastic! Nice job on the side tables--are those Ikea? How do you like spray painting stuff like that? I'm always nervous about it! Any tips? TFS!! Nice job :)