Friday, January 30, 2009


I am so inspired by nester and the various other inspirational blogging gals I have found! As I look at their pictures I envision myself creating these colorful, inviting areas into my home once and for all! No longer will my house dream of color as it sits in white and black neverland!
Well, I do have some walls painted already and in memory of the love of the house colors in fireproof, I painted our bathroom a lovely yellow and it has plaid accents. So pretty!

Now my next soon as I saw the article from nester about mistreating tables I knew I had to re-create it! Here is my attempt and I am thrilled with it as it secretly contains preschool board games, numerous unused Disney VHS and a few other miscellaneous items that don't need to stick out and annoy! This turned out very nicely on a bookshelf my uncle made me years ago that is more function than looks to begin with! Not only that, I love that it only took me...10 minutes! Now that is decorating I can handle! :) Thanks for the great ideas!


Katie said...

Hi Sarah, that's a great mistreatment of your shelves. I love storage, especially closed storage that allows you to hide everything away. Right now the entire bottom half of my house looks like a giant kiddie toybox. It's an open plan and I'm not good at getting this tucked away. I have some open shelves with her stuff on it, but it looks so cluttered whenever I look at it.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for becoming a follower. I really appreciate it!

Blue Castle said...

That looks really good! I loved the colors of the house in Fireproof too. Your bathroom sounds really cute. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. :)

Shannon said...

That looks great!! That Nester has the best ideas!