Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blessed Weekend!

What an amazing weekend we had! Friday night just sitting at home with the kids watching Brady Bunch on dvd thanks to our wonderful library!
Saturday we did some chores and errands and then the kids watched themselves while hubby and I went to the concert. It was amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed it! I enjoyed Chris Tomlin as well even though Israel was the real reason we couldn' t wait to go! :)
Sunday, what started out with inviting a few friends over after church turned into 15-16 people at our house playing Wii, napping, watching the SuperBowl, eating a ton of food and laughing like crazy! Our pastor even joined up with a nap on the kids bunk bed and then playing Wii, and getting the sole attention of our 5 year old for the last 30 minutes he was here! He had to show off jammies, Mario Kart skills and try texting with the pastor's iphone! Oy! :)
We feel very blessed to have such a wonderful church family that joined us and filled our house with energy, fun and love all day! *happy dance*
Enjoy the pics from the weekend!

Kaiden adored his time with our pastor...raspberries were a highlight of laughter as well!

My husband is the one holding the guitar.


Shannon said...

Sounds like a great weekend! :)

Sarah Schneider said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have really enjoyed watching yours and seeing your decorating adventures and ideas as well! :)