Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Illness in the family---the computer has a virus!

I haven't disappeared! I was basking in the fun of the UBP and then it happened....
my computer went to blue screen and that was it! We have someone at my husband's office trying to fix it, but when he asked for the restore disk we went blank. We searched our normal computer drawer for those things and it isn't there. I think this is a set up! Either we are meant to have a break from online activity or a Dell bandit has entered our house!

Either way, as I check on things from the library (WOW I type faster than anyone in here! :) ) I realize that not only is this heightening my awareness of just how often I actually do "NEED" to check something out online. But NOW I just happen to be in style as there is a unplug event happening!

Talk about timing!!! I have to admit what the others who are participating are saying runs very true for me as well.
I find I have more time for things at home and I am getting more projects done. Let's still pray that I find my OS restore disk so we don't have to spend good money on buying another one!!

Stay tuned!! I will be back hopefully very soon!!


Sweet Caroline said...

I saw the unplug thing....too much of a coward to try to do it. I would get so much done. I really need to try it.

I have hit the library many times, too. It is like the computer has this hidden pull...

The Barts said...

Miss you! :)

Sarah said...

I miss you guys too! I have now been without a computer for almost 2 weeks! Shocking! It is getting harder since I have to be on top of what I need to get done as I will have kids running amuck in the library! Paying bills and keeping track of my account is more complicated than I expected!!

the wild raspberry said...

sorry to hear of your computer woes...hope to hear from you soon.