Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Just wanted to give a quick update today. We got up early and surprisingly fresh and ready for the day! Must have been the relief of warmer weather returning today and through the weekend! Whatever the reason I will take it!!! We headed out the door for a walk which thrilled the dog to no end! With the added benefit of homeschooling on Earth Day we decided to clean up our neighborhood park and the storm gutters. We picked up two trash bags worth and another few armloads full! We were thrilled to do this and feel good about how it looked for a while, but admittedly there were a few new pieces of trash spotted on the long walk home and we we tired enough that we had to let them dance in the wind once again. Sigh!!

Keeping our earth clean is a big job! I hope everyone is out there trying to do their part! :)

Happy Earth Day!!