Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sabatical or Missing in Action?

Goodness Gracious! It has almost been a month since I have posted? How crazy is that?
I have a brief moment to update you in the midst of my 6 year old trying to mop the floor for the 3rd time and really needing to sit down and go over parts of a sewing machine with my 11 year old...

I just wanted to get a new post out. To let you all know that I am O.K.! It has been a rough few weeks without my grandma around to call and pray with, laugh and appreciate her presence! I was blessed that my dad doesn't have the sentiment for many of Grandma's things that I do, so he pretty much gave me the "pick of the litter" as we went through her things. Now I am not a material person by any means, but there was something so soothing about owning her Ukrainian designed apron, her handmade quilt that could easily be worth a couple thousand dollars it is amazing! Not to mention just simple things like a pair of satin gloves, I took both a short white pair and a long black elegant cinched pair that I picture decorating with them and being proud that they were actually worn by my grandma. I have also been using her well worn Bible daily with the kids to do devotions and it seems more efficient, more meaningful like she is there with us.

Homeschooling is going so much better this year. We devised a new schedule this year...

Monday: Home Ec day where we learn about laundry, dishes, sewing, baking, gardening, grocery lists, budgetting, and anything else I can make fall in that category.

Tuesday-Thursday: Regular school days of math, English, Reading, History, Phonics for the little one, and more.

Friday: Field Trip Day! This is my big one this year, to do more "field work" and get out of the house every week to learn doing hands on methods.

Last week we hit Old World Wisconsin and had an absolute blast! We learned a ton, took some fabulous pictures, made memories and of course got a year long membership so we can go back soon! I loved everything there! I even got tearful going through the German descendants houses to see how the old style was because that is what my husband came from and I long to give him pieces of his heritage to build him up about who he is. I texted him while I was there that it was powerful and hitting me about his heritage (and mine by the way) and he texted me back about how tearful it made him that he had someone that cared!

Which takes me to the last thing I want to mention...ladies, build up your husbands! They need someone to help lift their arms when they are too tired to pray, someone to encourage them and like it says in "Wild At Heart" tell them they "have what it takes"! I never regret taking those moments to share with my husband what he means to me and our family and reminding him of how amazing he has been.

I will work on getting some pictures posted soon. For now, Happy Fall!
I am a bit behind on getting my fall things out, but based off of whose schedule I am not sure! ;)

Have a fabulous day! I have missed writing and hearing from my followers!!!


Kasey said...

you sound busy and happy.
i love the friday field trip day...
i would take that any day of the week.