Monday, April 12, 2010

Help Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler E-Book Review

If you home school then you know that there are two things that you can never get enough of: Curriculum (or resources) and Encouragement. As I began to read Help Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler I wondered if it would apply because my oldest is only in 6th grade. But what I found was I was instantly engaged and encouraged from the first few pages. Hearing from the various family styles, perks, what worked, the programs available, how God provides it was a reminder of my own journey doing things in our own home.

I appreciated hearing the wonderful stories and testimonies of people that had struggles with children and learning disabilities, even health issues and how they persevered. I remember a wise person once said "Don't commit to a lifetime of home schooling, take each year as it comes". Since I had heard that and used it often when people seemed offended at my choice to home school, it was the answer that gave me peace as well. But as I read this book, I felt encouraged and ready to plan towards high school and if something changes later on we will deal with it then! I feel like it can finally be possible for more than just the "supermoms" that you rarely meet but hear of from others. As some put it, focusing on their strengths, others mentioned following their child as they seemed to know what they wanted for their future and the amazing paths that they ventured on. While yet others stayed focused on God's Word and let the rest come through reading and resources and watching videos or taking classes for the various things their children wanted to learn.

I am actually grateful that I was able to read this because it can be a worn path we go down at times home schooling our kids. The pressure, the guilt, the fear of doing it right, learning the key things for their future, teaching them the right way, hearing them and listening to their heart and who God made them to be. While at the same time you have peace knowing you have a safe environment for them to grow, learn, love and be nurtured. This book was like a giant home school meeting where everyone finally had enough time to talk and share their own personal story.

The biggest statement I can share coming out of reading this book is that it is of Great Encouragement! I highly recommend reading this for parents of middle school aged children or possibly even younger. I feel relieved to know that it can work and to know that there are so many other resources, ways, paths and programs out there than what we will ever know, until the time it is needed.