Monday, April 12, 2010

Molly's Money Saving Digest Review

I was recently asked to review two books that are related to home schooling. Here is my review of the first book.

This review is for Molly's Money Saving Digest: January 2010
If you are not familiar with Molly, she is a very popular writer that shares a variety of ideas from stockpiling, cleaning routines, menu planning and money saving ideas. I have never read her monthly digest before so I was excited to see what exactly was shared.

First, I can share that she writes in what I can only assume is the way she would talk to you in person. Some of her exclamations and insightful comments brought a smile to my face as I knew exactly what she was talking about when she mentions not laying things out for a recipe and missing an item. I enjoyed the recipes and the many web site references that she shared for various projects, free software and compiles them all for you at the end which makes a great quick reference for the future! I love quick reference guides!

Her creative ideas spurred more of my own as I read them. From crafts ideas with the kids to designing home decor items for way less than you could buy them, I was inspired! Not to mention the best part is that you customize what you want instead of buying something that everyone else bought. She shares recipes and includes a weekly meal planner with the list of what to buy at the grocery store, that makes it so simple to follow. You can print out that page and hit the store. Perfect for the busy mom that doesn't always have time to scan recipes and make sure she wrote everything down throughout the steps. Her recipes are the kind of meals that I would serve, a little unique but not outside the realm of normalcy that my kids will refuse it. I really appreciated that she used healthy ingredients in her recipes including her desserts.

Lastly, I appreciated that she shared easy charts and logs to print out for your finances, time and shopping dilemma's. To help give an easy approach to everything from shopping to balancing your checkbook.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this digest! I know that the recipes will be put into my circulation along with trying out the charts and bookmarking some of the links she shared. This digest was definitely a keeper and full of great information!