Saturday, January 22, 2011

America’s Math Teacher – Where there is strength in numbers

This weeks review is for America’s Math Teacher website. This site teaches 4th grade – Algebra I with online lessons, printable sheets, pre-tests, quizzes and exams. There are also speed drills to get accurate with the basics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can go here to try them out for free:

We started out using the website to review decimals and gauge what may need more review. The video tutorials were nicely done although my son said they were just slightly fast. He still enjoyed doing the lessons and many days did 5-6 lessons because he simply enjoyed it. This is definitely a HUGE plus for us as my son likes math but if he is stumped it can be difficult to motivate him to keep trying. He seemed very confident in his work and when he wasn’t sure about how to do a problem he would simply pull up the tutorial and watch it and then do the problem. I thought that showed a nice amount of motivation on his part to search for it, learn it and then finish the assignment. Kudos to AMT for encouraging my son so much that he seemed to kind of forget he was doing math and go log on and stay on the computer learning for an hour or more a day!

AMT is a new website that started just a month ago and I think it will become a popular name in no time with its wonderful lessons, nice looking worksheets which you can view Here and the ease of customer support. Part of why this site was created comes from the statistics of America’s students nationwide and the big lack of knowledge and skills as kids get into high school and even college.

Homeschool families can get a subscription to America’s Math Teacher for $195 for a full year. The subscription includes online access anytime, anywhere. Access to the entire library of courses, math for Grades 4 – Algebra I (Algebra II coming soon!). Written exercises, Resource center with glossaries, charts, tables and more. Students can work at their own pace and repeat lessons when necessary. Students will master the topics necessary for success in college

Taken from their website: “Excellent for adults as well as children No fluff or side topics: just good solid instruction.” I can agree with that, it is direct and keeps learning on track. I appreciate that as opposed to other websites and games online that try to keep things as busy as possible. I feel that this website has been a great source of encouragement for my son to revisit the things he learned last year and take him up to the next level of learning with ease. I am adding America’s Math Teacher to my list as a big YES for referrals!

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