Monday, November 10, 2008

How Many Days Until What?

Do you ever feel like someone hid your calendar and then right before a ton of things are about to take place they give it back? Sometimes I feel like that when we have trips coming up or big weekend events and it seems like looking forward to something for so long. We have our Weekend to Remember coming up this weekend and while I have known this for weeks, it means getting my house cleaned (as usual but still needs to be on my to-do list with a better job attached!) and it means helping my parents out by having groceries stocked up in the house. Remembering which clothes makes me feel attractive to wear for our date nights with my husband. Plus, somewhere in there I am teaching my boys and hoping to finally sell some items I have had on craigslist for a while! You can tell times are tough when things I put on craigslist last more than a week!!!
The weirdest thing is that I get so excited for trips and things like we have this weekend and often I become paralyzed when it is time to pack like I don't know where anything is and I don't know what I normally wear! What exactly is that??? LOL