Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two for Tuesday

#1: I got quite a bit done yesterday, what a great feeling! Laundry is mostly done, house is mostly clean, mostly is a great adjective in my vocabulary! We even got to watch Brady Bunch on dvd which is our new obsession as a family--maybe it is the parallel of the blended family with kids stuffed into rooms maintaining balance or maybe it is just because the parents are so great at getting their kids to talk things out and I dream about being as good as them one day! But we love it! Even our 12 year old begs to watch! We finished up the night playing Candy Land which was a blast!!

#2: Plenty more to do today! Return shoes that don't fit, purchase toy for tot to donate for Ken to dress down at work all week--using my coupon for Build A Bear to make it cheaper! YAY! I Love it when things like that work out! We seem to average a trip to our library about 4-5 times a week since it is all of two blocks away, so I am sure we will find a way to make it there as well!

I am sure hoping as I do more blogging to become one of those amazing moms who bakes, creates, plays, discovers and finds time to capture the moments with pictures, unique fonts and scrapbook posts that look like it took them all night! Creating things is in my nature, my nature just doesn't talk with my brain very often to be prepared to do things! I get so inspired! I am ready to start making things for Christmas gifts again, hoping to be unique, fun, fabulous and a great outlet for my creative energy in this next month!