Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sam's 15th Birthday!

I would like to say this was an exciting and fun filled day...unfortunately with us being all spread out as happens frequently throughout the year...there were wired, tired and at times just obnoxious children gathered teasing Sam as he ate his "burrito as big as his head" from his favorite Mexican joint. Then as we weaned him into his celebration tonight with opening two gifts out of his numerous that we will save for the weekend...more teasing, obnoxious behavior. Someone really needs to talk to these kids parents...oh wait!

At least the pj shorts fit and he enjoyed those for bedtime. But...the basketball I picked out looked surprisingly miniature compared to our jumbo sized teenager as he seems to be growing in the middle of dinner. Ah well, hopefully our plans for the weekend will more than make up for our fumbles! Can't have perfection all the time! ;) Happy Birthday Sammy-Do!