Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bedroom Colors...(Opinions welcome!)

We finalized on the fabrics we liked and want to use to make curtains in our bedroom. NOW I need some ideas on what style to make them. I will try to get pictures of my windows in my bedroom this weekend. They are 3 windows together making one large window in our room. I am hoping to do something like the 3/4 length of the olive/shimmery fabric but them do I use the beautiful decorated fabric for the last 1/2 on top or on bottom. My husband thinks bottom...

Take a look. Also, what color sticks out to you for the paint samples? I hope to be painting our room in another 10 days or so, so the time is creeping up on me to get this figured out! :) I added the pic with flash and without if it helps! :)
I am so excited to be planning this now!!! Yay! I will also be working on posting pics of our furniture too. I am hoping painting or staining will help it along as I don't have the budget to get a new bed, but my frame is black metal. Get those creative juices flowing!


Blue Castle said...

I vote for the creamy color on the right. Love that fabric! Have fun. :)