Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Double Double Coupon Trouble

In thinking long and hard about what to add to today's WFMW post I thought of the numerous people that ask me for my "recipe for savings" methods.

So without further ado, here are my insider tips for coupon savings!
First, I do not mess with the Sunday paper--the news would ruin my savings as I would eat myself to 300lbs looking for comfort, plus I would only get 1 copy of the coupon that I *might* want! SO, I became a big fan of she ships pretty fast and I have purchased from her for about 6 years now! So, I will spend about $5-10 at a time on buying coupons but I get a feel for what will be on sale and stock up on great coupons---especially $1 coupons!

Wednesdays at our local grocery store is double coupon day! Yay! But there is a trick in there...I had to catch it for myself! They will only double 5 coupons and your purchase has to be $25 or more. The first few times I did this my mentality was doubling every coupon I had but only 5 of them doubled. Now what to do? Think it through!!! The following Wednesday I felt like Mrs. Einstein! I walked in and separated out orders in my cart per 5 double coupons and then extras to make up my $25 purchase. So maybe my first order has 4/$10 cereal I have 4-$1 coupons to use on them. Then I purchase say $5.50/8pack of yogurt and have a $1 coupon for that. Then I add in two gallons of milk, couple dozen eggs and maybe even something I found on clearance or that I don't (gasp!) have a coupon for! So then my total of say $26 it is then $16. Not bad. But more often than not matching it with the stores deals, I often spend around $10-18/order and save $15-20/order. This tip has saved people around here a ton of money because I share with everyone I know to separate the orders!

I hit the grocery store around 9:30pm after church on Wednesday nights, my husband gets the kids to bed and relaxes at home. I have the grocery store almost to myself so it is easier to think and plot out deals. I catch things while shopping many times. Another tip is that I have learned when I pray for wisdom while shopping I save a ton of money! God helps my mind put things together that I never thought of originally.

Also, if you take the time say on that Wednesday to look at the next week's ad, you have enough time to stock up on coupons for the big deals! Some of my favorites in the past have been $1 coupons off Steamers by Green Giant (I will eat a bag of broccoli for dinner many times, love them!) they sell for $1.69 but with my double coupon plot I would get them free! I literally had 30 bags at one point, I have eaten them all!! (They won't give overage at our store, so it would double to $.69 to make them free) Another favorite is still out there, $1 coupons for 1 bottle of V8 juice, another family favorite. I bought 12 bottles a week or so ago when they were on sale for $3/9 making them $1/bottle after coupon. You can't even buy an 8oz bottle at the store for that these days!!!

I hope these tips help you!!!


C Maisy said...

Wow are awesome. I wish you were my neighbor...i would have you sit down with me and figure it all out!!

Thanks so much for always saying such sweet things to me about my blog. I realllly needed it today and you were great. THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!

Sandy Toes said...

thank you.
sandy toe