Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Party - SURPRISE!

My husband's birthday is this coming Sunday but on a whim I decided to throw him a surprise party! I am amazed to say he was surprised and never suspected a thing! I was gone half the day on Saturday doing birthday errands and using gift cards at fabulous places as I posted. But then Sunday I drove separately to church telling him I was running late and didn't want him to be late in helping with sound for the worship team. I was 20 minutes LATE for church, but I was able to pick up his cookie cakes from Target that I phone ordered, along with the remaining food items I needed. The poor thing, he told me as soon as I sat down (at church) that he was worried I was in a car accident and was about to leave and retrace the drive from church to our house. He has said that numerous times since church yesterday. (What a precious man!)

We had some fabulous church family members come to the party filling our house with 17 extra people to enjoy the day with and play! We had bikes, the motorbike, Frisbees, our dog and just about every other toy you can think of strewn across our lawn with happy men and children playing all afternoon! (The women all stayed inside and talked happily with the kids outside entertained for the afternoon!)
It was a blessed event and the best part was seeing just how blessed and happy my husband felt through the whole thing!

He is 46 this year and it is hard for me to believe that it has been almost 7 years since we have been together. I am so thankful for this amazing man God joined me with for life...some days that doesn't seem like a long enough time to experience each day with him! :)
Happy Birthday Baby!


C Maisy said...

happy birthday to your hubby. it's hard to pull off a surprise. way to go girl. i love the pic of hubby coming through the door!
great stuff! Thanks for sharing Sarah!!!

Blue Castle said...

What fun! I love it when you can pull off a surprise party without the victim suspecting anything. :)