Monday, May 4, 2009

Our computer is healed! :)

Boy, over a month of little/no contact...the struggles, the dilemma's of homework occasionally, no recipe connections, no spur of the moment movie reviews--that one was huge, we rented a few movies that were just horrible with no knowledge, I regret seeing them!!! What a blessing the internet truly is to our daily life!

I do have to highly recommend a movie that we did thoroughly enjoy..Faith Like Potatoes. What a fabulous and real movie, I actually took a lot from it as did my husband! I am also reading a fabulous book called The Power of a Praying Wife. I highly recommend reading that, I got my copy through the library but it is so good that I have a copy on hold at Family Christian Books to pick up today.

I will be working to get a few giveaways together in the very near future. I apologize for my long absence. I also plan to do a post about some of the things God taught me during my "no access" days.

I hope you are all doing well and I can't wait to start hearing from everyone again!!!



Blue Castle said...

It stinks to not have a computer. Glad you're back. I'll have to check out that movie. I like good, clean ones that make me think. :)

Summer said...

Isn't it funny how we take the internet for granted...and then, if we're without it...we wonder how we ever found information, got new recipes, got directions, phone numbers...haha...

Glad you're back!!