Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Obsession

Well it has been months now that I have been putting my thoughts to our bedroom remodel. We have had the lightest shade of lavender in there for 5.5 years now. While that is a favorite color of mine I am so over it! But as I creep into warm and neutral color territory the fear comes over me...will I miss the airy, light feel of my bedroom? Will it be too dark? Will it even match? Argh!

I hate decorating challenges because I am not independently wealthy so "running out and getting a new bed" is not an option for me. I am so tempted to paint my Ikea bedframe that is super supportive and wonderful--and black---either a silver color or even white? I don't know what to do! I truly need some decorating minds to help me come up with the details that will make this room 'not perfect to be beautiful' as our dear nester has taught us all.

It has literally gotten to the point of obsession with me, I want to make the changes and get things done NOW...and then it rains again and I can't have my windows open which doesn't allow me to go buy paint and start! I know that gray is becoming a popular color and I am considering Gray now as well, since I don't have a single thing defined yet, why not add more confusion to chaos right? :)

If you didn't read my original posts months ago about the remodel, my starting factor came from finding some gorgeous fabric at Hobby Lobby that I envisioned making my own curtains out of and changing our room to a lush, sanctuary for adults only (mostly). The fabric is a rich brown with other neutral accents tied in.
Here is the fabric:

Here is another item that I have pictures getting for our bedroom, because it is a photographers website I can't copy and paste it, so you have to click through here to see

Here are some pictures of my room, please help me get some clarity here on what will match! I actually paid retail for the Pottery Barn lights so I cring at the thought of painting them. I currently have 3 mirrors in my bedroom, I am realizing my love for mirrors...and you know what else? Amy at Maisy's Market has another one that I want too!!! I won't link to it, I might make it a birthday present for me, so you have to wait to see it!!!

I am starting to wonder based off of my tastes in the polyvore board I played with today if I should be sticking to a soft neutral palate. Can grays/taupe/cream/black/silver and a little dash of white work together? I have the nightstand shown in the picture, although mine are pine, wondering if I should paint them white like the ones shown in the polyvore pic above. (They are from Ikea) I am off to get more pictures posted of my bedroom. Once I get this all together, I am truly hoping for inspiration and finality to this decision! I want a new room badly! My husband asked me what I want for my upcoming birthday and I said my bedroom to be redone...his face went blank and he said..."honey, what materialistic thing can I get you for your birthday?" He definitely knows that until I finalize this decision it will haunt me to change! LOL

What are your immediate thoughts? I am finding that I love color but I am so drawn to faded neutrals can see my bedding is a soft taupe/cream/sage already. But of course at this rate that might change too...


Sweet Caroline said...

How are you! Now, I can follow you! Your room is fabulous. You have amazing taste.

I love mirrors, too. It must be the style and bigness of them. I always thought I would put them all going up my stairs...

As for my blog--I actually don't really blog anymore. Really. My last date I blogged was about three months ago. It just looks like I do so when I leave comments on people's blogs I don't look scary!

Your room looks amazing. Really. Keep posting pics so I can be inspired!