Thursday, February 26, 2009

God is so faithful!

I have had so many ideas of things to share recently and I have a few saved posts that I will get posted this week/end.
Today, I really wanted to share just how faithful God has been in our lives...especially recently. He has put some wonderful people in our path at church that have been prayer warriors with us. What an encouragement! Not to mention finally having someone on board and ready to do childcare swap! Praise God! We have been praying and looking for that for almost 6 years now! (They are also homeschoolers so a double whammy of blessing there as their schedule is flexible like ours!) Not just for the childcare though, it is wonderful to have friends! My husband has a few male friends now and we have had more people over to our house in the past 3 months than the past 5 years! Fellowship is so important and sometimes we miss that in these busy days where people spend more time in their car than in their home!

There is so much going on at once right now. We have been praying for vision and purpose in our children's lives as we raise them, but recently we have truly taken it to heart and realized how rapidly they are growing-we have 3-13 years until these boys will all be growing up and heading out in the world! I won't get into too much detail but when we finally took it serious to prayer and quit just talking about it...prayers have been answered! Things are coming to fullness before our eyes and I am SO thankful! (I should mention here that I also realized it the time is NOW that we need to go into action letting our kids learn about money, credit cards, savings, investments, reading business books if possible, learning the truth before the world lies to them and they fall into the same trap that I did!) My oldest son that I homeschool is asking me more and more questions about debit vs. credit cards, savings accounts, checking, and such. He is in 5th grade and I think this is fabulous timing to educate him and even see what kind of small business I can help him invest in, start or follow to help him possibly be set for life before he is even 18...did you know that could even happen??? Check out this link below for some amazingly inspirational reading from a young entrepreneur that started his first business at the age of 9 and he is now a millionaire in his 20's. Cameron Johnson
The Bible says we are to be the lenders and not the borrowers (slaves). How amazing to put this into action for our kids before they are out in the world!

DID YOU KNOW FACT: I learned this from our financial course...
Credit card companies pay Universities and colleges a little commission (if you will) based on the of debt that college students rack up (based on sign-ups during the years there). So those cool t-shirts, water bottles and even MP3 players they will offer your kids when they just want the free stuff and then get themselves snagged in debt actually profits the campuses they are paying! WOW!

We are also working on paying down debt and taking a financial course through our church. It is exciting to learn that most people not making more than they already do can pay off everything including their mortgage in 6-7 years! Yes, I said that right, 6-7 years! We are already 2 years into our refinance of our house so we didn't have a great start to that, but I am definitely believing that in the next 6 years we can pay off our mortgage and debts!! Amazing! I am realizing so much in this period of time! We also came into extra money recently through God's divine power and we have already paid off one debt and we are starting on another one next week! Can I just say how exciting it is to see debt start to get off my shoulders and under my feet?

Lastly, I wanted to share another thing that God instilled in me. My husband needed some attention this past week. He is full commission at his job and having a tough time with sales can make anyone bummed out. While I wanted to pamper him last week we didn't have the money. But this week when we got in some extra unexpected, (we put most of it to debt!) but I realized he is worth it for me to splurge on! So as I was trying to utilize a coupon I received for flowers online the thought came over won't be soon enough for my idea. Plus, God inspired me...grab one of the numerous vases you own and take it to the darling flower shop around the corner and get him some flowers and take them to him at work! Isn't God awesome? Not only did I spend 1/2 of what I would have online but he LOVED them! The florist is called House of Flowers and they are amazingly talented! I wish they had pictures of their shop on their website, it is so inspiring, charming and well decorated!!! They asked how much I wanted to spend and gave me a beautiful creation for that amount! I hope to send hubby with the camera to get a picture of the flowers at his desk! In addition to the flowers, I curled my hair and dressed up my jeans and drove to his office and surprised him at his desk. Then we (the kids and I) took him out to our old favorite indian buffet for lunch. When I used to work we had a lunch date every day, so he really misses going out for lunches! It was a fabulous day completely inspired by God and his infinite wisdom! Not to mention what a great inspiration to others in his office. He said most people are baffled as to why he received flowers JUST BECAUSE and can't stop talking about it!

I am feeling very blessed today for the adventures, ideas, inspiration and love of Christ that gives me so much fullness! I know that God is faithful and that he put me here to encourage so I truly hope this post can encourage you to find the joy, peace and happiness he gives. I hope you can search into the corners and minutes of your day and find the colors and touches of him in your life that brighten it even in the midst of cold weather, financial strains, exhaustion, fussy kids, illness or anything else you might be dealing with today.
Be Blessed!


Blue Castle said...

What a great thing you did in encouraging your husband. I think it's easy to overlook them sometimes (at least if your husband is low maintenance, like mine is. :) ) and we need to be reminded that they need attention too. :) Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life.

the wild raspberry said...

such encouraging words...
every good gift and every perfect gift is from above!

my girls just started their own business--they are 5 and 7 :)
you can go back a few posts and read about it....i am so proud of them!

may we worship in spirit and truth today.


The Barts said...

You are so sweet, Sarah! I would love to hear some more of your ideas on becoming debt free. I added both of your blogs to my faves. Good luck to you! :)

Shannon said...

I love reading posts like this. So encouraging!!