Monday, February 23, 2009

Hobby Lobby Happiness

Friday we took most of the day off from homeschooling to get out of the house! Occasionally, we just get cabin fever and need to get out! We did various errands like picking up my husband's ginseng that he loves, hitting the library, post office, and then hitting Hobby Lobby. Another blog mentioned they had 80% off their clearance which I figured even on my spending freeze would be a safe venture. I haven't shopped there very many times so I enjoyed taking the extra time to browse with the kids happily in tow! Imagine--there wasn't a single fuss!!! Praise God!

I hit major success! I found some fabulous finds for a total of $27! Not bad at all!! Especially knowing that if my new treasures get used I can resell to the local decor consignment store! :)

Here is what I found:

Two gold fleur de lis ornaments from Christmas which I will paint silver and put on the wall or somewhere to fit in somewhere in our house!

Fleur De Lis decor piece that is white with black worn effect, I am considering painting it black and wearing it to show the white underneath.

A fabulous picture that says Hope with a nest on it, perfect for spring!

Small black lamp with a red/black shade which has found a new home in my bathroom, now I am thinking I need to get some red satin/silk fabric to make my own shower curtain to tie together the yellow, red, black and white I have going on now.

Lastly, my favorite piece...they had on clearance a cloche with an iron metal base (I don't think that is what really went with it but a gal pieced them together and thought it was the case.) well regardless we couldn't find a second metal base like that so there was a cloche glass top sitting there with no price tag...I felt so bad for it I had to ask how to save it. The mgr said based off the $12 price of the combined other item, she would sell it for $6. Finally! A cloche of my own and not only that, I didn't even have to spend $10!!! I need to find a bottom for it but I am so excited!!!


the wild raspberry said...

congratulations on your giveaway winnings!
i just went on a hobby lobby spending spree some fantastic deals in the 80%off aisle. {got that big fleur de lis too!} fun stuff.
a fellow homeschooling mom and hobby lobby fanatic,

the wild raspberry said...

i believe you won something from the wonderful amy at the maisy report....i hope i'm right in that...i'll check should too.

Sandy Toes said...

Well, first, I am posting my recipe for my punch on Stir and Season on Saturday!

Second...I made the cutest little tassley thing with those gold le fleurs..I love Hobby Lobby too!
-Sandy toe

Shannon said...

I love all your finds!! Great deal on that cloche!

Katie said...

Oh you did have a great day at Hobby Lobby! I love their sales, in Santa Fe I got the best stuff there and I only ever bought anything if it was 40% or more off! I cleaned up once after Christmas on scrapbook stuff everything was only a dollar each!

Sweet Caroline said...

That is such fun things! There isn't a Hobby Lobby here--which stinks! So, thanks for letting me live through you...

BTW: That is YOU in my posting in case you weren't sure...

Have fun decorating!!

The Barts said...

Yay--i love pics! I was trying to picture your deals in my mind! The lamp is so cute and what a perfect spot for it. Love the Fleur De Lis stuff--i always think of you when i see it! Great finds :)

C Maisy said...

love everything you got. i really need to head to hobby lobby. now i know why you wanted that at your winning prize.