Friday, February 6, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

My dear girlfriend in CA asked me to define some of my favorite things this week. I decided since I am very new to blogging, I should go ahead and make a post with some of our pictures. So you are all invited to come in and browse. I would love some hints, feedback and ideas for making inexpensive alterations to bring things alive. It is all a work in progress! We built our home 5 years ago and until about a year ago didn't have much that matched at all except the living room!
I am finally finding my niche for getting unique things at random places to put here and there.
Anxious to hear feedback! :)
This is my newly painted yellow bathroom, I am looking to finally pull it all together, but I already love the warmth that the yellow created!
The builders actually commented when we built our house that it was original to do wood vinyl in the bathroom and many others have commented. I have always loved the look and wish I would have chosen this same vinyl for our living room instead of the other wood vinyl we chose. Oh well!

Lamps are from Pottery Barn-rare for me to spend that money but they weren't too bad in price and I love them! The mirror I bought 1/2 off from Pier 1.
The Fleur de Lis is headed for my wall downstairs, I will see if hubby puts it up today, otherwise I will do it. I should mention...I got it free! My husband KNOWS me so well! A man at his office was joking and said here, want this $50 coupon for this store? He had just bought a couch and they sent him a thank you coupon to get him back in...what he didn't see was the ability to use it on a $50 purchase, I got a french picture in a black frame and this together and walked out the store paying...$0! Can't tax NOTHING! ;) That was a great day!
This mirror has something about it that I love, I can't explain it! It has herbs all around it and doesn't quite make sense for a bedroom I am sure, but I fell in love with the size and perfection of the mirror if that makes sense! The pink of the flowers makes me happy. I have wondered, since it is ceramic tiles all around *seriously this mirror weighs like 65lbs* but maybe I can paint the tiles to change the room a bit or something? Need ideas here! (side note: got it at a garage sale, the guy said $5 and I was thrilled, then he saw my delight in it and said Free! I couldn't get him to take the money!)
This is my mom's old dresser mirror, I love it! I am surprised I love it too! But it has the aging of the glass in it makes it real neat! Birds aren't quite my thing, but my MIL got us the "lovebirds" on the left, so when I found the other bird for $.60 on clearance somewhere I thought it would balance it out. The hatbox was from a gift set on clearance at Walgreens, I took the beauty products out and gave them as a gift and use the hatbox for my special gifts my friend in CA sends me, that is my memory and happy box! :)
My husband picked out this mirror in 5 minutes at my favorite little decor store and put it up the minute we got home from our anniversary trip a few years ago. Time for a new branch of those berries that my MIL gave me, the kids have played with their parachuting men over the side a few too many times, devastating the berries, but having a blast! lol
This is another anniversary gift, we tend to buy one big gift together for the house every year on our anniversary. The store in Door County (BLISS! My favorite place to go!!!) displayed this, it is about 3 foot tall, and I kept hovering around it. I saw another woman looking at it, so I asked him to hold it for me so we could decide. As we bought it he told the story of how it was so unique and he bought 5 of them, only 1 came flawless, the others came broken or chipped and he couldn't get anymore! Perfect! It was meant for us! It is called "The Kiss" and this could have been painted of me and my husband, it looks a lot like us! :) This is above our pantry in the kitchen.
This was a find at World Market, when we were looking for warm paintings and such for our new house, this was the first thing we bought. I am originally from KC so Jazz is a big thing in my family and background! I loved the feel of this, but the poor thing sits on a white wall--need to find a good color to go up against a sage wall around the corner! It is richer colors but with the flash it doesn't show half of the picture with the glare.
This is my hurricane that I found at my nearby gift store (Three Orange Doors), I found it on sale for $10. I think it is mercury glass on the bottom. I use it most of the year.
Another find at Three Orange Doors, the topiary matches this sage bathroom and leaf design beautifully, I got this for $4! The shelf was made for me by a student that I worked with 10 years ago when I was a T.A., he was so proud to give it to me and I have treasured it and used it ever since! The darling little house ornament with ribbon was also from T.O.D. for $2.50!
Ah, my toile curtain I bought from Target, I love this thing!!! I would put toile all over my house, but I have a houseful of boys and I think they would tire of it! I love black toile especially!
This is the poster I got from my old job for $30, then 2 years later I found this table at a garage sale and haven't touched it, I love the vintage feel of it being chipped and worn--got it for $8!
Thanks for looking! I am anxious for ideas and feedback! I am new to decorating so help is welcome!


Katie said...

I really like the lights you've got on either side of the bed and the darling little yellow table! I'm not one to give suggestions, as my home is also a work in progress! I have a hard time with making displays that incorporate all the treasures I've picked up along the way AND that still look good.
Thanks for your sweet comment!

Katie said...

Anytime Sarah! What are you working on with your kinder kiddo

Sweet Caroline said...

First of all, LOVE the painting, "The Kiss.." Brings back happy memories for me. I am absolutely no expert, either. I actually just hired someone to help me. However, the only thing I recently learned is to keep your metals all the same color. The Mirror above your bed is amazing--but the lights are not the same metal, so it takes away the ambiance! That is all. Otherwise, I love the yellow. You will have to share the color that is.

Sweet Caroline said...

Hi. It's me again. I just re-looked at the lights and they would look fabulous black like your bed. Then, the mirror would POP! Since I am so good at it myself I have to hire someone! Ha Ha Anyway, your home has a wonderful energy about it.

The Nester said...

It all looks so great! Love that you buy something for your house on your anniversary--we used to do that...hmmm..!

Girl, what did you need help on--it all looks fab!