Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Wreath

A Little Birdie told me how to do this project! It is fabulous, easier than I thought and SOOO cute! I got so excited as I was finishing it! It took me about 2 hours I think, but that is with cutting the fabric and keeping two children busy with their own Valentine's projects.
Here is the finished product. I love it! By the way, the ribbon I found on clearance at Joann's in the wedding section for $.97 and the fabric was on sale so I only need a 40% off coupon for the foam wreath itself. Making this project less than $10 which I think it looks WAY cuter than the stuff they were selling for about $15 (on their 50% off sale). I fell in love with this fabric so I might have to find a use for it in our bedroom or another room, it is sooo pretty! I blended two fabrics together. Thanks for looking!


Katie said...

Your wreath came out so nicely! Saving money is good too, but I really love how you all spent time together making it. Plus making your own crafts is so rewarding because you can customize, like by picking out the fabrics, and make it exactly what you want. Betcha this one will be up for years!

KCShipe said...

Oh your wreath turned out so cute! I am totally making one...for next year. Didn't quite have myself together enough to get it done this year :s

angee said...

Found your blog through Little Birdie. I made the wreath but don't know how to attach the ribbon. How did you do it? HELP!

By the way, love how yours turned out!