Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hectic Vacation

Doesn't that seem about right? Wow, I have one son off to Scout camp, three sons off to a cabin with their grandfather on the other side of their family, and one left at home for 5 days. This week should have been open, relaxing, calm and the complete scheduling up to the little guy...

Somehow it seems like things always happen or need to be done though. We have had birthday errands for the two birthdays happening this weekend. Things to buy, take back, pick up, etc. We were able to visit our friend whose dog just had amazingly beautiful little puppies. It was a good visit *(with the puppies). Give me a baby or a puppy and I have tunnel vision the entire time for them. *sigh* But thankfully, today we are off to help a friend clean her house to prepare for family to visit...and to see those precious puppies again! Our best plan though is once that is finished, taking the kids to a great swimming location where you can actually take your rafts, floaties and whatever else you have. I can't wait to go and hopefully spend some of this pent up energy for both of us! I will just pray that between the children's museum, wrapping gifts, decorating the house and cleaning tomorrow we will get everything done so that the birthday boy who is turning 13 will walk into the house surprised and happy!

Kaiden has thankfully enjoyed Vacation Bible School every night this week and can't wait to go! Even better was having one of the teachers tell me how awed she was with how much he knew about God and his love and so many other things. She told me he is very special and God has a plan for him for sure. Confirmation from yet another person. It can be hard to be humble and recognize that while he is MY son, he is God's child that HE is imparting wisdom and hunger for his Word. It is not because of Me! We have had numerous people tell us over the years that he is special and God has a plan for him. I get very excited when I think about him growing up only because I can't wait to see what God has in store for him! He is the child that will approach people at the grocery store openly and say Do you know Jesus? His love is free and he can heal anything! His childlike open faith is a constant reminder to me of how we should be.

I just wanted to share a piece of my week with you all. My new bedding came in and that is put on and luscious! My husband loves it and now wants black carpet in our bedroom....uhm I told him we will wait until after we paint and see what happens. I have furniture to paint and rearrange and need to buy some new decor items as some no longer match. I will get pictures up by next week of the changes.

Have a great day!


Summer said...

Awww...that is SO amazing how God has enveloped your son with such powerful and humble faith. What a beautiful thing, indeed. :)

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Kasey said...

oh my goodness...look at those puppies!
Lola would go nuts over them...
have a great weekend.

the wild raspberry said...

it has been crazy busy here too!
so many birthdays....
have a wonderful day.
chasity said...

Hi Sarah!! Hope you get a little peace!! Cute puppies!
love, kelee