Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Time is almost here!

Doesn't this picture make you crave summer? I am so anxious for summer this idea why. I think I have delusions that I will meet all my favorite online blogging friends in IL, that the rooms I desperately want painted will just happen overnight, my basement will quit laughing at me everytime I mention that I will get it downsized and actually have that stick for longer than a month...etc, etc.

What are you looking forward to this summer? I love grilling and BBQing, I am from Kansas City where we know to rival tastes because we do meat WELL!!! On top of my mom's fabulous "summer salad" that was always so good that I would eat half of it with my fingers before the BBQ was done! The smell of sunscreen is the best thing in the world even though I HATE using it--it is good on the kids though! I prefer the light sunscreen that allows me to attempt to get color on my transparent Wisconsin body! Yes, that's right, there are ghosts in WI, but it is actually just the people who have been hibernating for 6 months out of the can see right through them! LOL

I am making my lists, filling my calendar, anxiously ready to have the sun warm me, read the numerous books I have stocked up on, revamp that bedroom and get it off my mind, stain our fence the RIGHT color--argh had a mistake happen after I got 1/4 of it done a couple months ago! Numerous other things come to mind...what are you doing?

My favorite revelation so far this year has come directly from God who reminded me of the late summer when my children will whine and say it is too hot to even swim outside and beg to sit indoors. Which is when I will make up for our spring fling time where we pushed our schoolbooks aside and went out and basked in the perfect air and gardened. Where we rode bikes and played with the dog all day. Many studies say that boys need to be outdoors more, so I figured my two were advanced for all the time they were getting outside to be...BOYS!

I think I will pick up some strawberries and make a strawberry lemonade and hit Home Depot for some paint samples, sounds like a good start to me!