Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Project Thoughts

We have had a busy week, the wake, a full blown birthday celebration weekend for our first of 4 birthdays in June! But...I am still heavily thinking about my bedroom project. I am starting to tread on new thoughts and ideas but a little fearful of the outcome and pull together.

I keep being drawn to a taupe or muted gray with brown. Shocking right? Kind of a different color scheme to put together, but I keep seeing subtle things that tell me it will my Kleenex box, there was also something in the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" that triggered me to see that maybe it is a new trend. I have the past success of being ahead of my time with my taste, but my insecurity often keeps me from acting until I know people are onboard! :)

SO here are some thoughts, painting my black metal bedframe silver or white???
I have a mirror that I love, but I am contemplating...decoupage or fabric overlay to cover the design on it with a neat paper or something? It did occur to me that I need to find an inexpensive glaze as I was picturing using the diamond glaze I use for tile necklaces but that is super pricey and also would be a huge pain with the bubbles and making sure they didn't appear! Hmmm...rustoleum happen to carry a clear shiny glaze? I am hoping to go for a glam type look in our bedroom that makes you feel Chicago uptown/sexy married (with NO kids) and luxurious. I saw a picture recently that totally brought out that feeling for me and sure enough, gray room....
Who would want a gray bedroom? I guess me???

Throughout the post click on the pictures so you can see the full details, sorry some of them are too big..

No, I am not blind, I know this isn't gray or silver, but I noticed that I like the tucked in look of the curtains, not sure if it would shorten my ceiling too much, but I also like the installed mini lights above them. There is a olive silk shimmer fabric I contemplated getting to make the curtains you can see below in my other post, wondering if I could do something like that to bring out some shimmer in other places in the room. This is getting to be a fun mental process! :)

Be still my heart...wouldn't you love to have this wallpaper? Sigh!

Hmmm...maybe a cheap option would be to adhere cut mirrors to my existing nightstands in the place where is it white panels. Hmm...I can also paint them white or black and add new knobs--something I haven't spent anytime in the past doing on any of our dressers!
WOW! Look at the feel of these colors in the space together! This is so inspirational...

This gives me hope for a chandelier in our bedroom too...only $40 at Ikea!

or this one from Target for $59:

This is my favorite so far a consignment store right near my house!! Gorgeous! Hmm...what will my husband think?

I would love any feedback and ideas, these things are starting to flow better as I spend more time on it! :)

Have a great day!


The Barts said...

Looks like you got some great inspiration! I've never been a huge grey (gray..which is it?!) fan, but i love that first photo. Very elegant! I'm also loving those gorgeous chandeliers. My one friend re-did her daugther's walk-in closet and put a beautiful chandelier in there...been thinking about that for my closet! Anyway...i think you're on the right track and can't wait to see what you come up with!!

White Flower Farmhouse said...

Hi Sarah,

So glad to meet another gray lover! I also love your inspiration photos. Here's my too cents about the wall colors: the first photo is a great choice if you want something dramatic; the fourth photo is a match if you want something saturated but not overwhelming; the fifth photo introduces a little taupe; and I think the bathroom photo has a gorgeous color.

One thing that I am always wary of -- and maybe this is just a personal thing -- but I'm afraid of picking a gray which shows lavender or green on the wall. I'm a purist. Definitely get a sample -- Benjamin Moore is pretty good about stocking those little bottles.

I'll look through my gray notebook and see which colors I have picked out, and I'll ask Lori about her favorites. Which brand would you prefer to use? Feel free to send me an email through the shop.

-- Megan