Thursday, June 11, 2009

That was Random!

Do you remember the slang or "key phrases" you used when you were growing up? I can think of a ton of them! Psych! There was also Doi! Of course everyone knows the famous "valley girl" talk of "Like, Oh My God!" Or just adding "Like" to every sentence you say! Then there was the "Whatever" phase. I am sure if I just looked up a few sitcoms I used to watch I could easily find more, I was born just a little late to be into the "What's Happening" and "hey, hey, hey Fat Albert" days. There was still a little "cool", "jiving", and oh yea at the end of my teen years it seems that is when "fat" came into play, which was quickly changed to "phat"....

In googling oh my goodness here come the memories...ready? "Gag me with a spoon", "Bogus", "That was the bomb", "butt ugly", "airhead", "Chill"--oh man did we over use that!!!!!
"have a cow", "Fresh", "Totally", "tubular dude", "wannabe", "veg", "stoked", "wicked". Wow, now that I want to lace up my high top Reeboks with my two pairs of socks, throw a banana clip in my hair, eat a ring pop, wear a shirt hanging off one shoulder thrown over a pair of shorts you can't even tell I am wearing and head to the skating rink....I will compose myself and remember that I don't own those things anymore so it would cost a lot of money on ebay or searching at goodwill to embarrass my husband with that kind of motif, so I move on...

I bring these things up to share a wonderful time in my children's life right now, they are finding terms to share constantly. One of course that doesn't amuse me at all is the loosely used "what the heck?" Uhm, do people not recognize what this is quickly getting our kids to utter? Maybe I am old fashioned but I was raised where heck was as bad as he-double hockey sticks and we didn't say that! Another one that has entered into our household is when someone says something the response is a big "Wow!" Which often in our house has been "Wow, Dad!" So when my husband does something silly I often say "WoW, Dad!" to him.

Last night, I had a great time taking Dakota to the grocery store after church at around 9:30pm. It was my double coupon/last day of the sale day to shop, so I always go Wednesday nights. We spent an hour shopping, laughing and my favorite part was how we kept trying to top each other with the "latest and greatest phrase" "RANDOM" I am not sure where this came from but it is actually quite amusing when the kids use it. Say my 5 year old Kaiden all of a sudden asks about wasps in the backseat of the van while we are on the way to the grocery store or whatever, then after he finishes the discussion you hear..."That was random". I am not sure why, but because of the newness I die laughing every time. So, last night meandering through aisles, teasing my son, grabbing good deals and even getting a chance to embarrass him--as I loudly announced "Dakota those teenage girls are over THERE did you want to go talk to them?" He and I both died laughing because of course I didn't say it loud enough for them to hear but acted like they could and they were being so loud there was no chance they were listening! We unloaded groceries and raced to call things random. What a fun time with my son who is about to be 11 years old. I truly cherish that we have this closeness and that he can joke and relax with me even at a grocery store!

So today, look for something that is random and call it out and see if you don't laugh as you utter the phrase!

P.S. I also have to add one last funny note about last night, we flipped through the radio stations on the way home as the dj talked about barhopping and was about to utter a few explicit remarks so I flipped the station quickly. Dakota said, "Mom, what is bar hopping? Basically, just going to a bar and hopping around?" To which I replied, "Yes, son, these are the horrible things in the world that I am trying to shield you from, you can get really hurt hopping all night long, maybe break an ankle, I just shudder at the thought!" To which we laughed for 5 blocks until we drove into the garage! Wow, that was random!

Have a great day!


Summer said...

Ok....L-O-V-E this post!!!

(I like, actually still totally use some of those wicked awesome words!! haha)

And, I completely remember every reference! LOL! Greatness!

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!


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