Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspired and Desired!

Finally! I woke up this morning and I had clarity and vision! Maybe it is because it is my birthday and I realized I can want things and actually get them! :) But whatever it is...I found a fairly clear vision of what I want in my bedroom...I still need to pick the shade of gray for the paint, but this is the general idea. I will be shopping with hubby today but a lot of these things I think I am settled on what I want and getting them. Then it will be the painting and rearranging dressers and accents in our bedroom that will finalize the look! What do you think? I am getting so excited to actually buy paint and change things for the better! :)

We actually only need the chandelier which my girlfriend plans to buy me for my birthday present...then the bench which my mom plans to buy me also for my birthday. Then bedding which I found on ebay and craigslist in the size I need and NEW! Yeah! The nightstand tables I already have that are exactly like that, I might either paint the wood black and then paint the inserts silver or wondered about painting them with chalkboard paint in the insert as well? Might not be very downtown glamorous though, so maybe the silver is better! Then the last thing to get is the paint and the curtains which I plan to go check out at JCP today, they say they are light blocking which would be nice. I am considering since they are simple ring top panels that I might buy a piece of black or silver faux silk to add some shimmer as a valance over the top or sew it to the bottom to add drapery to the floor.

I am so excited!!! Thanks for following me on my journey and sorry if it has been boring to see nothing happen, if you think you were going crazy...just think about looking at it blankly every day wanting it changed and having no vision! ;)